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30 Day Experiment Details - 1/13/2020

Intermittent Fasting

I first heard Dr Jason Fung on KABC 790 AM in December 2018. I found his take on diabetes interesting, I hadn’t heard of intermittent fasting for diabetes management or weight loss and I thought of “fasting” as a religious practice.

Dr. Fung asserts that current medical treatment of diabetes is based on old theory which sought to control blood sugar with medication to manage the disease. And, while most doctors will refer their diabetic patients to a nutritionist, doctors have little training or experience in nutrition, weight loss or weight control without medication. Most physicians believe and advocate diet, exercise and medication for diabetes management, but seem to have no idea about the term "diet." My physician said he had not heard of Dr. Fung or intermittent fasting?!

I Experimented with Intermittent Fasting

January 15, 2019, I decided to try intermittent fasting by eating one meal per day. I could have eased into it, but my father who was 82nd Airborne in his day, raised us with the 82nd's motto, "All The Way!" My dad said, no matter what me or my sisters do in life we should go All The Way! So I did.

I found changing my eating schedule to one meal per day forced me to engage in self-talk to control my body as it tried to fight back to regain its old weight. I have to say, the first 3 weeks I felt a little shaky and/or light headed, but after the first week, my body began to settle down and I can now go 18-24 hours between meals which is critical to weight loss. By February 16, 2019, I lost 10 pounds and decided to stick with it!

I hit my original goal weight and lost a total of 30 pounds by mid-May 2019 and have made adjustments to food, fasting periods and cardio/weight training as I continue my journey to fitness.

I have decided to do another "experiment" which I will begin on January 13, 2020 and I hope you'll join on this journey!

My 30-Day Experiment Begins January 13, 2020:


Things I Will Give Up for 30 Day Experiment Potatoes Pasta Bread Pizza Potato Chips (☹) Cookies

Week Days – One meal a Day (OMAD) 5 days per week – 1800 hrs

· Protein/veggies/rice

· Black coffee in the morning/water/green tea all day



· Breakfast - Still go out to breakfast with Patricia

· No lunch

· Dinner - Protein/veggies/rice

· Red wine


· Breakfast at home – protein/no carbs – I cook!

· No lunch

· Dinner – Patricia cooks!

· Red wine


· Monday/Wednesday/Friday – 0630-0730 hrs (gym)

· Sunday – 0900 hrs

· Warm up with cardio

· Two days upper body

· Two days lower body

My new workout routine will require I get up earlier than usual to maintain this schedule. If you ever watch/listen to The Joe Rogan Experience you'll find that exercising in a fasting state is far more beneficial physically and for weight loss, so I'm giving it a whirl! I plan to post my thoughts, up's and down's here for all to see and follow. I hope you'll join me on this journey and start your own "experiment" with intermittent fasting!

I'm including a couple links for you to watch and Dr Fung’s book from Amazon. Let me know what you think of this and happy fasting!


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