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Why Social Distancing & Business Shut Down Will Probably Have Little Effect on Spread of COVID 19

If you listen to the interview with Dr Kelly Victory, you'll find she believes there is no way to stop the spread or flatten the curve of the COVID 19 virus. Because the govt is relying on scientists who are advising the White House and both state and local politicians with computer-based "predictive-models" of worst-case scenarios, govt at all levels is responding to this flu-like virus as though it is the black plague and it's not.

Note: entire interview with Dr Kelly Victory on the Ride Along Radio Page abv

Unfortunately, the media has taken up this refrain and has gone 24/7 “run-for-life” coverage which has led to panic buying of water, hand sanitizer and toilet paper?!

Because American politicians are relying on these “predictive models” for worse-case scenarios, state and local govts are;

1) Emptying jails

2) Stopping police from making arrests

3) Initiating “stay home” orders to the public

4) Shutting down most businesses

5) Forcing (predicted) 30% of the population onto unemployment

6) Attempting to restrict people’s daily movement

7) Activating the National Guard in three states (CA/WA/NY)

Despite protests from the media and one political party, Dr Victory asserts the virus is flu-like, in that it spreads quickly but is far less lethal than SARS or Ebola. The USA yearly flu season routinely results in death; (2017-2018: 61K deaths/810K hospitalized/45 million ill. While a small percentage of the identified high-risk group will die from the COVID 19 virus as occurs every flu-year, however, most will not.

There is actually no need for healthy people, or even, dare I say, people who are carriers but asymptomatic, to stay home. At some point, everyone will be exposed or contract or show symptoms (or not) get sick and get better.

Some will show no symptoms and never get sick. My sister who is an RN now believes that perhaps she and one other of my sisters contracted the virus in December 2019, before it became a household name, as both were sick with intensified flu-like symptoms.

The communist Chinese govt hid the virus for approx. 6 months prior to information beginning to leak out of the country. Wuhan was not isolated quickly enough, and travel in-and-out of the country was not restricted by the Chinese govt. As such, the virus spread around the world very quickly.

The Chinese govt is now reporting "no new cases" leading American politicians, media and citizens to believe the way to address the virus is social distancing, testing and a shut-down of the country. There are no new cases in China because they have stopped testing for COVID 19, not because there are no new cases of COVID 19 in China.

I see many uninformed walking and driving around my city wearing a face mask of some sort, some hospital type and others homemade. The problem is COVID 19 is not transmitted through the air, but by droplets left on a hard surface from an uncovered sneeze or cough.

So, if you’re in public and plan to put your lips on a hard surface for some reason, you should probably have your mouth covered, otherwise you just look silly. And, there is currently no need to drive in your own vehicle wearing a face mask unless you’re sick. And if you are sick you shouldn’t be driving around anyway, you should be in self-quarantine at home!!!

So, my friends and followers of this Page, I am here to bring you unfiltered facts without political spin and without “feelings.” If someone you know (outside the high-risk group) contracts the virus it won’t be the end of the world. Calm down. Treat the symptoms, rest, stay hydrated and stay home for gods sakes! If you have someone in the high-risk group keep your physical distance from them for now, but you can still call on the phone!

I felt compelled to write this as many of my friends and otherwise smart people I now, just seem to be lost and scared by media reports. I highly recommend unplugging from cable news as they continue to focus on “new cases” and deployment of the National Guard causing your anxiety to rise.

The number of new cases will surely rise as testing becomes more widespread, but it will likely be reported out of context. The proper context from which to view “new cases” is; it simply means more people are getting tested, nothing else. The number of new cases has no correlation to the number of people outside the high-risk group who will die from contracting COVID 19.

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