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Meet Randa the Dope Dog

Randa is a 9 year old Belgian Malinois who has been my constant companion, working K9 and family pet since 2014. Randa and I are graduates of the Adlerhorst Police Dog Handler School, Narcotics Detection Course.

Randa was born in Holland and transported to the United States as a puppy by Adlerhorst International. I met Randa in November 2014 when I was looking to put my Golden Retriever through the Narcotics Detection course.


And, although my Golden named “Evie” didn’t have the “play drive” to go through the course, Dave Reaver, owner of Adlerhorst introduced me to Randa and I brought her home that day!

Randa’s sweet demeanor and happy little cute face quickly won over me and Patricia and she’s been part of our Pack ever since.

Adlerhorst Cert_edited.jpg
Adlerhorst class tshirt.jpg

In March of 2017 when our Evie Girl crossed the rainbow bridge Randa was always quick to come to my side and lick my face (if I let her!) when she sensed I was sad. Randa has proven to be a great “dope dog” who loves kids and humans and is extremely protective of our family.

Randa has worked at the following locations providing narcotics detection, crowd management and personal protection;

  • Los Angeles Convention Center

  • Los Angeles Center Studios

  • Pomona Fairplex

  • Pasadena Rose Bowl

  • Alpha Property Management

  • Charter High & Continuation Schools

  • Religious Institutions

Gil Doggies.jpg
Gil Randa Rave 2015.jpg
Gil K9.jpg
Randa Veh Search_edited_edited.jpg
Veh Search 2_edited_edited.jpg
Randa DwnTwn LA_edited.jpg
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