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Beating Diabetes with Intermittent Fasting
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I was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes around 2000. Over the years my weight has gone down and back up as has my A1C. I was always told by doctors over the years that Diabetes was an incurable progressive degenerative disorder that can only be managed.

I was told that diet & exercise was the key to managing my blood sugar levels which how they were treating my diabetes. I've done a good job of this at times and let myself go at others.

Unfortunately, being a standard issue Mexican American, brown in color, who loves to eat, I've been about 20-40 pounds overweight most of my adult life, especially after I left the law enforcement profession.

In April 2018 I was 225 pounds and was calculated as “obese” by the standard BMI index. I was put on Trulicity and 1000 mgs of Metformin, 10 mgs Benazipril and 10 mgs Atirvastatin. The Trulicity helped me lose an initial 10 pounds but even with daily walking my weight did not go down, and in fact began to creep back up. I hovered between 210-215 pounds.

Patricia my love and I returned to America from our vacation in France and Spain in October 2018, I had lost weight and was weighing-in at 206! My doc was happy and believed the weight loss was due to the Trulicity and my daily walks with Randa the Dope Dog and so did I! However, by New Years Eve 2018, I had returned to 210 pounds even with all the walking and all the meds. It was kinda frustrating.

But, in January 2019 I remembered the interview I’d heard on the radio with Dr. Jason Fung and did my research! On January 15, 2019, exactly one year to the day of the passing of my father, I started a 7 day experiment with intermittent fasting and lost 5 pounds!

I told Patricia, “I’m onto something here,” and I stuck with it. One meal a day; water and green tea during my fasting period; at least 18-24 hours between meals and I lost over 30 pounds in 4 months without ever setting foot in a gym. Today (12/2019) I am off all meds and hover between 177-178 pounds at 25% body fat, A1C 6.0 (last check).

Note: I tried to tell my doc my weight loss was due to Intermittent Fasting but he believed my weight loss was due to diet, exercise & Trulicity. He was wrong.

I think a lot about the number of years I’ve spent joining a gym to “lose weight,” only to lose interest or time due to life’s up’s & down’s and never really getting the results I’ve always wanted. I recently joined my local fitness center, however, this time the goal is not weight loss, it’s muscle building!

I’m not special and I think I can show anyone how to do what I did and get you on the path to the body and lifestyle you want.


Are you ready to become Fit to Survive?

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